The Somerset School of Hypnotherapy

The Somerset School of Hypnotherapy Ltd is a dedicated and leading training school independent of all other schools, organizations or registers. Whilst upholding traditional values, we provide a modern day, friendly and personal approach to training.


Our courses are designed to provide all the skills and knowledge you need to start your own practice. We offer continued support and guidance after your course. We want you to be confident and share your skills with the world.


We encourage prospective students to visit us here in Somerset. We want to give you the opportunity to meet us and get a feel for our school, resources and teaching philosophies.


You can ask any questions you have general or regarding specific courses. Although we would love to meet you, there is no obligation, you may either phone us or just apply directly from our website.

About Your Trainers



As well as practicing hypnotherapy we are both certified trainers in the subject. We also run The Ash Tree Clinic of Hypnotherapy and regularly see private clients in our busy practice.

Together our extensive experience spans almost thirty years. During this time we have developed a unique and comprehensive style of training. We are completely passionate about hypnotherapy and we infuse this enthusiasm into our teaching approach. We train from our hearts!

Experience has taught us that learning is so much more rewarding and successful if you are enjoying the course, perhaps even having a little fun along the way. This is exactly why we created The Somerset School Of Hypnotherapy. In addition, over the years our graduates have benefited greatly from our personal approach and the ongoing support we provide almost 24/7. We also have created an online community in the form of our Facebook group; this keeps members up to date with news, scripts and interesting articles.

Becoming a Hypnotherapist is such a rewarding career. We are with you every step of the way to help nurture your progress. You can honestly trust us to help and guide you; we are completely invested in your success. We love meeting new students and keeping in touch with our graduates, sometimes to enhance their learning, but sometimes just to chat about things in general. After all, life is not always about work!

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