Diploma In Past Life Regression


This course is open to all qualified hypnotherapists.


Regardless of when or with whom they initially trained. However, if you are not a qualified therapist or have no experience in hypnosis, don’t worry. All you need to do is take the Certificate in Hypnotic Practice any time in advance of the Past Life Course.


A Past Life Regressionist has the ability to regress people to one, or several past lives. Many people are curious to discover ‘who they were’ in a previous life, so be prepared for plenty of requests once you have qualified.



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You will learn many different ways to guide the regression process. This simple regression stage does not involve ‘therapy’ in any way.


So, what is the difference between a past life regressionist and a past life therapist?  Regressionist deals mainly with those who are simply curious to discover information.  Past life therapists may be visited by people who perhaps have unexplained fears, phobias or physical discomfort in this life.


Regression therapy requires a greater understanding of hypnotherapy and a Regression Therapist Diploma Course will shortly be added to our list.

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