Why did I?

I am the most unlikely person you could ever imagine becoming a therapist.

Let me explain how it happened.

Quite a few years ago (more than I like to admit), I was in my Mid-thirties, a builder running my own successful property renovation company. Up at the crack of dawn every day and my first thoughts were coffee and a cigarette (or several of both). When caffeine and nicotine levels were sufficiently high, I would jump into my van and race off to my first job of the day.

Everyone knows how important breakfast is, but that was something that other people bothered with; I didn’t have time. I worked very hard (so I told myself), however, looking back, all I did was rush from job to job and place to place. Lunch was a visit to a chip shop. Coffee and cigarette breaks were constant. Home time came when the light failed or my partner’s phone calls and texts of ‘are you going to come home tonight’ became just too many to bear.

At this point, my life was not great!

Once home, it was far too late for anything sensible to eat, so whatever fast food or junk was available, it would have to do. Then out came the alcohol.

You won’t be surprised to hear that I drank heavily. I put it down to stress of the job, having a few drinks at night was the only way that I could relax. So, I would sit with drink in one hand, cigarette in the other and spend what was left of the evening, trying to do my business paperwork.

My only thoughts were to earn enough money to support my family and ensure their well-being.

Do I sound like a typical therapist to you?

You can imagine, I became very overweight indeed. My health was not good either. I coughed all of the time, was constantly short of breath and drank almost as much ‘heartburn remedy’ as alcohol. Stress levels were high as a kite and to be honest, I don’t know how I didn’t have a heart attack.

The reality is, I needed help, but I carried on regardless!

Purely by chance, through a building job I was doing, I met a well-known hypnotherapist. I didn’t understand what hypnotherapy was, it was something that I simply wasn’t interested in, why should I have been? Yes, I knew of a few people who had received help from it mainly to stop smoking or lose weight, but I didn’t need to do either, did I?

Now imagine how it was, one day, the therapist caught me sitting outside on one of my many cigarette/coffee breaks. I got up to talk to her but had to sit down again quickly, as I went a little light headed.

Understandably, she was rather concerned and started to ask me a few questions about my lifestyle. To cut a long story short, she offered some hypnotherapy.

Obviously, I knew I should stop smoking, my cough was getting worse. I did try to quit once by going to one of those group session things, it didn’t work for me.

Therefore, not wanting to appear rude, I accepted her offer of a smoking cessation session of hypnotherapy. I was very skeptical, how could, just by talking to me, someone else stop me smoking?

Amazingly, to my total and utter astonishment IT WORKED! Whatever she said during that session actually stopped me from even wanting another cigarette ever again.

To be honest, at the time, I am not sure if I was even pleased about this, surely, if I had wanted to stop, I could have done it by myself. The therapist then explained the reasons why it had worked for me personally.

I was hooked!

I simply had to know more about this amazing thing that had happened to me.

Studying relentlessly, I became almost obsessed with my quest for knowledge on this powerful subject. My Life was about to change beyond all belief.

I trained and became a hypnotherapist myself. Somehow, I just knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do in life. I had wasted so many years charging about and simply ‘existing’, now I WANTED TO APPRECIATE LIFE and help others to do the same.

You may think that to become a hypnotherapist you need a degree in psychology, counselling or some medical knowledge etc. I am living proof that you do not. I was a builder (yes, that job had long gone), all you need is a genuine desire to help others.

Now, several years later, I understand and appreciate that hypnotherapy can help with so much more. Stress is just one of them. I truly believe that stress is our ‘Silent Killer’.

Furthermore, I have expanded my interest in all Holistic Therapies. I am now a Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Mindfulness Coach, Sound Healer, Meditation Teacher, Life Coach and a Director and Tutor at The Somerset School of Hypnotherapy.

Therapists come from all walks of life.

Why don't you become a Hypnotherapist?

It is an incredibly rewarding career. Not many other jobs can give you the personal satisfaction of having someone literally in tears thanking you for helping them.

Our style of training is different! Our courses are ideal for the more kind, gentle natured, spiritual and empathetic souls who would like to be nurtured, guided and supported in being able to help others cope with the challenges of modern day life.

Perhaps you are already a therapist of another kind and would like to add hypnotherapy to your list of skills. For example, Reiki and a range of other therapies can compliment.


Find out more about our courses. https://www.somersetschoolofhypnotherapy.com/courses

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