How to tell when it’s time to stop!

How to tell when it’s time to stop!

Don’t rush me off for dementia testing – not quite yet anyway.

I just need a break!

Phew, it’s all over, just for a few days anyway. The festive well-wishers departed last night. Now it is back to normal – whatever that is?

So, today I get chance to tidy the house and do those chores that have been put on hold for the last few days. You know, the things like vacuuming, washing, cleaning the bathroom etc.

With determination to have things clean and tidy by the end of the day, I got up reasonably early, walked the dogs, fed the horses, cats, chickens, husband etc then set about my tasks.

OMG! What a mess.

In the bedroom I fully expected to see a TV presenter, ‘reporting from the ‘disaster zone’.

Just where do I begin I said to myself. Obviously, the first job was to relieve the poor washing basket, it was no longer visible under the pile of clothes that had been thrown in its general direction.

With some help from my kitten called Reiki, I sorted the dark colours from the whites, loaded the dark's into a basket, made sure that Reiki was not also in with the washing, and proceeded to carry said basket downstairs to the utility room. On my journey, I spoke to the dog that was lying in the hallway; he also looked exhausted from the last few days’ events.

Reiki had now rushed passed me.

He was on his way up the Christmas tree yet again. I paused briefly in the lounge to pick up some baubles and re-hung them on the tree – I don’t know why I bothered as they wouldn’t be there for very long before the kitten hooked them off again.

On the way through the lounge I almost tripped over another cat, who had decided it was a good idea to sleep on the threshold into the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen, washing basket under my arm, went over to the fireplace, knelt down in front of the wood burner which was glowing warmly as I had lit it earlier.

This was NOT the washing machine!

I opened the door and was just about to reach into the washing basket when I suddenly realized what I was doing!!! I was about to put the washing on the fire!

The washing machine is not even in the kitchen!

I felt very silly indeed!

I looked hastily over my shoulder to make sure that no one had seen me just about to burn the washing.

I decided that I needed a cup of tea.

I managed to make the tea without any other strange actions, sitting by the fire I started to examine my silliness, I asked myself why didn’t realise what I was doing. The more I thought, the more I questioned. Firstly, why was I was in the hallway speaking to the dog?

I had turned the wrong way at the bottom of the stairs but I didn’t notice. Secondly, I had gone into the lounge, even stopping to pick up the baubles; I was in the wrong room!

I almost tripped over the cat who had decided to lie on the threshold, which was not his usual preferred place – this should have jolted me back to reality, but I carried on regardless. It was not until I had actually opened the door of the wood burner did I ‘come too, or wake up’ so to speak.

Hopefully, I can just put this momentary lapse of concentration down to ‘being busy’ over the last few days. However, it is a real warning sign. It is a real indication that I need to take some time to ‘STOP’ just relax. I need to unwind and re-charge before things escalate and emotions become fragile thus affect my psychological well-being.

Can YOU identify with these actions?

Ok, you probably haven’t tried to ‘burn your washing’ but have you found yourself absentmindedly doing daft things? Perhaps you have been putting things in odd places? Incidentally, another one of my little warning signs is that I put objects in the fridge, like car keys, tins of polish etc.

Identify with what I am saying? Then don’t ignore the signs.

If you find that you start to lack concentration, even just for a few moments, it is time for you to stop and take a break. No one is going to blame you or rush you off for dementia testing. We all need time to relax and re-charge. It is a fundamental human need. You already understand that we need sleep, but even if we do get our 8 hours a night, it doesn’t mean that we are able to rush madly about all day.

Watch your stress levels.

What are the signs of stress?

We all experience stress differently, especially in different situations. My stress had built up over a few days; I just started to lack concentration. However, sometimes you might be able to tell right away when you're feeling under stress, but other times you might keep going without recognizing the signs. It can build gradually so you are less aware of the symptoms. Stress can affect you both emotionally and physically, and it can affect the way you behave.

How you might feel?

  • Irritable, aggressive, impatient or wound up.

  • Over-burdened and unable to cope.

  • Anxious, panic attacks, nervous or afraid.

  • Like your thoughts are racing and you can't switch off, or perhaps unable to sleep at night.

  • Unable to enjoy yourself or unwilling to socialise.

  • You forget things easily.

  • You may feel physically unwell – headaches, fast heart rate, nausea etc.

  • IBS, psoriasis, & eczema can be aggravated by stress.

Without adequate relaxation, stress can esculate up and up until it reaches such a level that it can actually make us physically, as well as mentally unwell.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Ask any doctor, stress is a major contribution to heart attacks and strokes. Don’t let yours build up. Stress, I believe, is our silent killer. Take time out to relax! Sadly, today, we humans are all too busy rushing about. We have become ‘human doings, not human beings’……has anyone ever won ‘the human race’? No, so why do we keep trying?

A few words of advice:

When I talk about relaxation, I mean REAL, DEEP relaxation. I do not mean watching TV, playing a sport (although that can be a good thing), I don’t even mean reading a book or going for a walk.

These are all ‘recreation’ not relaxation. There IS a difference.

Deep relaxation is very beneficial to us. It is important and helps us cope with everyday life. So, how can we do this? Well we can meditate, but if you are anything like me, I can never quite get the ‘hang’ of just sitting there and I certainly can’t contort my poor old body into some of those yoga positions. My preferred way is some relaxation therapy.

What is Relaxation Therapy?

Relaxation therapy is a lovely, gentle way of deeply relaxing the body & the mind, allowing some much needed ‘healing’ to take place. It is a little like ‘hypnotherapy’ but without the reason for a specific outcome - if you understand what I am saying?

You can do it by listening to a recording at home but perhaps the best way is to actually take time to visit a relaxation therapist in person. That way you are assured of the much needed ‘dedicated’ time, without fear of interruption from your own personal environment.

Can’t find a Relaxation Therapist?

Well, ask a local hypnotherapist if they offer the service. Hypnotherapists may even offer ‘hypnotic holidays’. Message us today, we may be able to put you in touch with a therapist in your area.

Are you are interested in the thought of ‘relaxation therapy’ and the enormous benefits it can offer to people, why not consider becoming a relaxation therapist yourself? Absolutely no special skills are needed. No previous experience or qualifications at all. Why not check it out? Imagine being able to offer this much needed service and make a real difference to peoples lives. It is a very special thing indeed and could even earn you a welcome income.

Want more advice?

We are shortly adding a specialist ‘Relaxation Therapist’ course to our training school. Make 2018 the best year ever.

Take care of yourself; take the stress out of your life!

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