Certificate in Smoking and Vaping Cessation

Two Day Certification Course


This course is open to all qualified hypnotherapists regardless of when or with whom they trained.

A comprehensive course constructed in the light of today’s changing trends. Not only will you learn tried and tested successful methods to assist people to stop smoking but also vaping and e-cigarettes.


No doubt, during your HPD training you will have received plenty of information on addictions coupled with how to sever dependencies, however; this unique course also includes the following:



The Concept of Smoking.


Client Assessment. How addicted is your client?

Understand your client: How to identify your client’s key points and be able to utilize this information.

How to optimally plan the cessation session: Personalize the session to your client.

Effective use of a variety of different approaches and techniques.


Scripts, Questionnaire Forms, General Information Handouts and much more.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded a Smoking Cessation Specialist Certificate.


Certificate in Hypnotic Gastric Band

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As with the Smoking Cessation Certification Course.


This Gastric Band Course is open to all qualified hypnotherapists.


With increasing concerns about obesity, it is no wonder that hypnotherapists the world over are enjoying the popularity of the much-acclaimed Hypnotic/Virtual Gastric Band Procedure.


This course is designed to provide you with not only scripts for the virtual gastric band operation itself but also includes band adjustment/tightening scripts.

The course includes:


Information on the REAL Surgical Gastric Band Procedure.

Client Assessment: How to judge if your client is eligible and prepared to receive such a powerful program.


Understanding your client: Questioning your client to gain vital information, for example, what preceded their obesity and their current relationship with food. Consequently, enabling a more effective, personalized program.


Explaining the procedure to clients.

How to compile the sessions and plan the program: The recommended number of sessions for the whole process is 3 – 6.


Effective methods of delivering the Hypnotic/Virtual Gastric Band.


Scripts, Client Questionnaire and Consent Forms, Client Information Handouts and lots more.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Hypnotic/Virtual Gastric Band Specialist Certificate.



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Diploma In Personal Weight Loss Therapy

A course with a difference!


Some people train as a hypnotherapist just to specialize in weight loss therapy. Yet they still have to sit through training about smoking cessation, fears, and phobias etc.


For this reason, now offered is a far more relevant, unique and specialist course.

In addition to learning the art of hypnosis, also included are mindful eating coupled with lots of other successful ways to help your client. This enables you to support and help people feel better about themselves in general. 


As a result, with this powerful formula you can, no doubt help them with willpower, confidence and sleeping issues.


The course does not focus on nutrition or diets as the market is already flooded with this information. Together, you and your client can design a weight loss program especially relevant to their needs.


By the end of the course, you will have the confidence and ability to share your skills with those who seek your help. This course also includes the much acclaimed Hypnotic (Virtual) Gastric Band Procedure.

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This Qualification enables you to practice as a Personal Weight Loss Therapist. 

You will also have the entitlement to use the following letters after your name: D.P.W.L.T. Hyp. S.S.O.H

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