1-day workshop in Past Life Regression.


Have you ever had déjà vu or seen a total stranger and felt that you have met before? Are you drawn to periods of the long forgotten past?

Do you have unexplained aches and pains? Have you lived before?


An Introduction to Past Life Regression (PLR): with Lindsey & Steve Extance, the tutors of The Somerset School of Hypnotherapy.


Prepare to be amazed!


This workshop is designed for those with no previous knowledge of past life regression. You will gain a better understanding and awareness of PLR and how it can help us in our current lives.


It is a very practical and enjoyable day with like-minded people. So why not come and experience the whole concept of past life regression?


Overview of past life regression workshop.


  • Brief history of PLR

  • What is reincarnation?

  • Different techniques used to explore past lives

  • Take part in a real past life regression session. (You can opt out and just observe if you desire).

  • Guided meditation to meet your spirit guide (or just guided meditation for relaxation).

  • Making sense of the lessons from our previous lives.

  • This workshop is open to everyone who has a general interest in past life regression.


Disclaimer.. For lawful reasons, we need to express that this workshop is for educational purposes only. However, from individual experience, we can say that people may encounter a distinctive picture of a past incarnation.


The cost of this experience:


The total cost of this experience is £75.00 Light refreshments and past life regression workshop manual are also included.

Attend this workshop for FREE! As a good will gesture, anyone attending this workshop then going on to take our Past Life Regressionist Diploma Course, will have the cost deducted from the PLR course fee.



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